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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 8, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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the season as quarterback drew brees has a chance to throw his way into the nfl record books. the question is, would the big easy have a reason to celebrate? it is "way too early" right now. good morning. i'll be filling in for willie geist. this is "way too early," the show that is in desperate need of a feminine touch. so i'm here. so's barnacle. that is not feminine, not even close. okay. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching msnbc or listening live on sirius e-mail. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me and let me know why you're awake right now, or you can do what drew brees does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639.
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what is going on in here? we're going to read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, october 8th. there's a lot going on today including new video of an israeli shooting of an unmanned drone over israeli air space. questions remain where that drone came from. plus, forget the presidential debates. we have the only debate that matters. john stewart and bill o'reilly facing off at george washington university. the good news is we'll show you all the highlights. the bad news, look at this, lewis, lewis is actually going to take some time away from the mirror to bring you these stories. put it down, lewis. you're going to get to work. don't screw it up. first, let's get to the news at 5:30 at "30 rock" in new york city. we begin on the campaign trail with 29 days until the elections. today mitt romney is set to deliver a major foreign policy address at the virginia military institute aiming to put pressure
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on president obama by portraying him as a weak and ineffective figure on the world stage. the 30-minute speech entitled the mantle of leadership will focus on a vision of peace through strength as in the tradition of harry truman and ronald regan. in prepared remarks released to the media the republican candidate is expected to address missteps in libya and talking about the deadly attack on bengha benghazi. he will say as president he would partner with other nations to help arm the rebels who are fighting assad's government. on our relationship with egypt, romney will make the argument that u.s. aid should be tied to the egyptians upholding their peace treaty with israel. with growing tension over iran's nuclear program, mitt romney says he will not hesitate to put forces in the eastern mediterranean and the gulf region. the obama campaign is downplaying the speech
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describing romney over the weekend as, quote, an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy and the only person who has offended europe more is probably chevy chase. get ready. mitt romney is continuing to gain ground on the president following last week's debate. a new gallup daily tracking pole shows the president leading the nation 49-46%. mitt romney spent the weekend campaigning in the battleground state of florida telling large crowds that he enjoyed wednesday's debate. >> we had a little debate earlier this week and i enjoyed myself. you all had the chance to hear his answers or his not answers, now of course days later we're hearing his executions and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. the debate performance, the president's debate performance
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remains a hot topic on the sunday talk shows. on "meet the press" newt gingrich and robert gibbs offered their insight. >> the president of the united states had 90 minutes. now if he had done his homework, if he had actually prepared, if he had actually studied romney, why didn't he say it? why didn't he take romney head on. the charges of the tax cuts are wrong. virtually every analyst has said, even your deputy campaign manager said -- >> no, no, no. >> it's on. for getting that for a second. the job of the president is supposed to be to be competent and to be able to stand up for what he believes in and to be able to articulate what's wrong. mitt romney walked over him. >> it's not rocket science to believe that the president was disappointed in the expectations that he has for himself but, look, i think part of that was because, as i've said earlier, we met a new mitt romney. we met a mitt romney that wanted to walk away from the central theory of his economic plan, which is his tax cut. i don't have a tax cut that's
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4.8 trillion or $5 trillion. i'm not going to cut taxes on the rich. i don't have a medicare voucher program. i love teachers. we need more of them. don't believe me. speaker gingrich was pretty elegant in the primaries saying, look, mitt romney will say absolutely anything to get elected. >> and here's ""the new yorker's" take on the debate. it shows mitt romney debating an empty chair. president obama continues be on his fundraising swing through california looking to capitalize on friday's good economic news. september unemployment rate released on friday dipped to 7.8%, the lowest of his presidency. and new fundraising numbers show the obama campaign is coming off its best month of the year raising $181 million in september. at a fundraising concert last night in los angeles the president added to his campaign
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coiffers. after thanking the stars for the performance, the president commented on his own performance. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, such great friends. they performed flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. >> before that event the president joined former president bill clinton at the beverly hills home of jeffrey castenberg. a private meeting with democratic donors. he ended the night with 150 supporters who paid $25,000 each to dine with the president. ven nez wail len president hugo chavez has won a third term in the contest that threatened his 14-year rule. he was declartd the winner by a 54-44% margin. it keeps chavez in power until
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2019. if his health holds up the socialist leader was diagnosed with abdominal cancer a year ago. he's had a number of surgeries in cuba. israel has released video of an unmanned drone it shot down over the weekend. it monitored the zone as it cross the into israeli air space from the mediterranean sea. they shot it out of the sky over a rural area. it's still unclear from where the drone was launched, but many officials expect hez but la was behind it. it's been years since the baltimore orioles has had a crack at it. yes, i'll do sports. plus, sat night live offers a take on last week's presidential debate including one theory on why president obama may not have been at the top of his game. the best of snl and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at it's 41 past the hour. it's 41 past 5:00 in the morning. time now to get a check on your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. do you do this? >> i do this. i would have brought flowers or something if i knew you were coming in this morning. >> you should have. i brought a feminine touch to the table. i don't understand. >> flowers? >> not flowers, chocolate. >> how about you shut up and do the weather. >> i like it when she's feisty.
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good morning, everyone. hopefully you embrace all the nice, beautiful, cold canadian air as we went through the week end. you didn't have a choice. that did sweep all the way across the country from the great lakes to the east coast. it's here to stay. it doesn't look like any big warmup is here. if you're one of those people who does have to go to school or work today, you definitely need the heater on in the car to bundle up the kids. 33 in kansas city. the east coast is a little chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. little light rain in tennessee, northern mississippi. later today some of those clouds and showers will sneak their way through the carolinas, virginia, philadelphia, d.c. new york city chance of showers after the dinner hour. that will be about it. not a lot of wet weather. the rest of the country after the cold start will have a nice afternoon. temperatures will be in the 60s. mika, did you embrace the cold this weekend? >> yeah. all right. so can we take a shot at the control room? >> yes. >> joe's in there, alex is in
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there. >> you're being awfully rude to bill karins. >> bill, why don't you come over here. they think i can't do sports. would you hold my hand. >> i have been told to warm up in the bullpen. >> i would say that somebody that talks about feminine touch, bringing the feminine touch to the show, it sounds like a feminine hygiene product, okay? i think we better let -- everybody, does bill need to do sports? >> no, he doesn't. >> i don't think mika is up to it. >> give it a shot. >> it's not -- >> talk about the saints. >> it's called sports not sport ball. >> grab his mic. the saints were still looking for their first win of the season last night playing the chargers. first quarter saints down by 7. drew brees hits his receiver for a 40-yard touchdown strike to the game. he tiesing it. with that scoring pass brees enters the record books breaking johnny unitas's record. third quarter, ryan mathews bounces outside and goes up and over the defender for the touchdown. that gives the chargers the
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lead. brees connects with marques colston for the touchdown. colson had three touchdowns on the night. saints win their first game of the season 31-24. let's go to the packers and colts in indianapolis. packers down by 1 with 4:30 left. aaron rodgers connects with james jones for the touchdown. green bay takes a five-point lead after a missed two point conversion. it's up to rookie quarterback andrew luck to lead the colts to a fourth quarter comeback and he does just that. luck drives 70 yards down the field into green bay's red zone. on a third and seven luck takes it himself diving head first between two defenders for the first down. that would lead to this touchdown pass to reggie wayne. an 18 point halftime deficit and stunned the packers. chuck pagano is being treated for leukemia. >> you're doing great.
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>> eagles and steelers in pittsburgh. michael vick coughed up a fumble on the one yard line. steelers recover. philadelphia would have the lead late in the fourth. pittsburgh kicks the go ahead field goal to win it 16-14. scary play for redskins fans. robert griffin iii trying to make something happen. he scrambles up the sideline. gets hit. griffin is slow to get up. he's taken out of the game and would not return. official diagnosis is a concussion. no word yet on if he'll play next week. the game with 2:50 left to play. michael turner gets the handoff and runs it 13 yards for the score. that would be the final. falcons win 24-17. they improve to 5-0. and a showdown between two of the best quarterbacks of this generation. tom brady, mr. pretty, and peyton manning facing off in foxborough. manning looks sharp rmt here he hits his tight end from one
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yard. peyton has three tds and no interceptions. the patriots' running game was too much for the broncos. ridley takes the pitch in from eight yards. he has 250 yards on the ground. they win it 31-21. >> mika rg3, he's going to be one of the great players of our time she said. you told me the sideline -- i'm over here. the sideline is your friend. the sideline is your friend if you're a young look can i quarterback. he needs to get out of bounds and he didn't to it. anyway, you drew that up right. >> did you hear about the cheerleader that was getting arrested? >> no. >> just thought i might perc your attention. >> what about the yankees? >> baseball playoffs are underway. >> bill karins is sitting there like a potted plant. he cares. stop being mean to bill karins. >> hey, joe. hey, joe, he is a potted plant.
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look at him. >> bill, we love you. >> potted plant. >> how about those yankees. >> do you want to hear about the yankees? okay. thank you. tied at 2-0 in the ninth. a shot off of jim johnson. a five run inning for the yankees. they win game one 7 hch 2. nationals and cardinals playing game one. nats cy young candidate gonzalez is in trouble in the second after walking the bases loaded. he throws a wild pitch scoring the runner from third. it would be a two-run inning for the cardinals. skip ahead to the eighth with men on second and third. tyler moore delivers a two out single to right scoring both runners. nats come from behind late to win it 3-2. [ applause ] >> no one else is clapping but i still love you. >> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe", mitt romney prepares to deliver a
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major foreign policy speech today covering everything from the uprising in libya to the civil war in syria. the "morning joe" crew who's already here will preview the address and what it might mean for the last 29 days of the presidential race. >> when we come back here we're going to huddle around the water cooler, but not too close because we'll have the best moments in entertainment. >> the show has gone to hell. >> a debate from john stewart. lewis, this is your one chance. don't mess it up. >> i'll try not to. >> we'll be right back. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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it's so early in the morning we thought we'd let lewis do the cooler. i figured this is something he can't mess up. he messes everything up. i'm going to let you pick some stories. impress me. what do you have? >> this past weekend there was a huge event. >> what was that? >> in washington. we had john stewart and bill owe really from fox news. they faced off in a debate, 90 minutes, air conditioned room, streamed live. it was more entertaining than the obama. >> am i going to see this? >> yeah. let's roll through the tape. >> income redistribution, do you believe in it? >> do you. >> no. >> i asked first. i believe -- >> oh, it's -- >> social security.
2:52 am
do you believe in social security. >> yes. absolutely. >> we're both socialists. >> no. no. [ applause ] >> redistribution. >> social security is income redistribution. >> no, it's not. >> you pay into it. >> but you don't pay into it what you get out of it. >> some pay in more. >> a cumulative effect. >> no. no. no. >> how is it the two personalities such as yourself who are almost polar opposites share a willingness to come together when congress can't. what advice would you give congress? [ applause ] . . >> wait. wait. wait. wait. wait. >> go ahead. >> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> okay. good clip for the cooler. what else do you have? >> well, "saturday night live" was great. >> it's monday. you're late. >> pretty good booking, big
2:53 am
bird. mitt romney wants to shut down pbs. big bird. it was pretty nice. the big thing was they got to the bottom of why president obama maybe did poorly. >> really? >> it had something to do with the fact that he forgot a wedding anniversary gift. >> really? actually, never. i haven't. i personally have not forgotten any wedding anniversary gifts. >> unfortunately guys are not perfect. we're imperfect animals. >> so what happened during "saturday night live"? >> let's look at the clip. >> yeah. the anniversary gift. i can't believe i forgot the anniversary gift. okay. i'll be out of here by 9:00 local time. i have the secret service directing me while i hit the hotel gift shop for an anniversary gift. a denver broncos sweatshirt. the hotel had nice bath clothes for sale. that could be good. >> excuse me, governor, mr.
2:54 am
president -- >> i'm sorry. yeah. yeah. what's up? >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no, you two, go ahead. >> oh, boy. this altitude is starting to get to me. air so thin. i'm losing consciousness. i must hang on. hang on for michelle. for michelle and girls, sasha and the other one. can't remember other one's name. >> we have run out of time, which brings the first of three presidential debates to a close. i'd like to thank our
2:55 am
participants, governor mitt romney [ applause ] >> did you hear that, mitt romney, you are a bad ass mother [ bleep ]. >> and president barack obama. [ applause ] >> all right. i guess that was okay. i was kind of bored. joe, were you bored? i was bored. >> intro was better. >> intro was better. >> the start of the show was much better. that's a pretty good skit. >> he has more. should we let him go on? >> this is good. this might apply to you. you have a cat. >> yeah, i do. >> when did the show start? >> we're going right now. >> this is pretty good. >> did you know that you can actually give your pet the flu? you can give emma the flu. >> i never gave -- >> i could care less. you can move right past that. that is the stupidest thing i've heard. what is that, news you can use? >> this is news you can use. >> okay.
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the morn important stoe importa suleman, do you remember her? >> who's nadya suleman? >> don't even go there. >> the octo mom. >> oh, my god. >> you don't remember her? >> no. >> she's amazing. she was trying to support her poor -- she's got 14 kids. celebrity boxing. and porn. porn. you've got to support your kids. you've got to do porn. she's doing something that she's much better -- >> she's dating. >> she's debating. she's going to be debating online for money. lindsay lohan -- >> i knew we count take mika off the set of james brown. >> give her credit. she has 15 kids. she had to make some money. >> quiet for a second. tower. tower? >> who's the father? it's important. that's important. i want to know about that. >> tower. >> the next segment in the
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control room? >> yeah, it is. so what are they going to be debating? >> i'll meet you guys. >> going to be debating, you know, politics, pop culture. ual. what's she up to? [ female announcer ] root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. with root touch-up, all they see is you. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. ♪ ♪
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